Atrium apartments in Gudauri (Lot 38)
Area (m2)
Cost ($)

Atrium apartments in Gudauri.

Attention! 5 brand new apartments for sale in the atrium block in New Gudauri!

Description: the Space is divided into 2 parts by a special partition that rotates 360 degrees, thus separating the bedroom from the living room. The apartment can comfortably accommodate 4 people, feeling very comfortable. Small kitchen, cabinets, shower and toilet included.

Area: 36 m2. (all apartments)
Floor:1 (all apartments)
View: 3 of 4 (have a mountain view), 2 — x-have views of other blocks.
Renovation: there is a European renovation, design project (all apartments are ready for delivery).
Prices: 2150$ m2.
General information about the Atrium.

The atrium is a modern apartment hotel with a lobby, restaurant, terrace, Spa, swimming pool, ski resort, underground Parking. Located next to the gondola. It is part of the town of New Gudauri and is considered the most prestigious building. The facility has been built, the last works are being completed, and it will be commissioned in June.

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