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"I turned off my critical thinking and became the happy owner of 32 m2 in the very center of Batumi!"
Alexander (Kurgan)
"We didn't even think that we would buy an apartment.... as a result, we bought a three-piece by the sea (95 m2) for $ 350 per m2."
Yuri and Elena (Nizhny Tagil)
Reviews: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia

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I will tell you the process of purchasing an apartment in Batumi. (many letters).
In July 2019, I was in Georgia in my car with my family. I went to the reviews and did not regret it. Cheap, tasty, warm, beautiful, abroad, but 50-60% of the population speak Russian. Rubles are accepted almost everywhere. In large stores, payment is made by card with automatic conversion.
Since we live in the Arctic circle, for us, rest on the warm sea is the sweetest thing.
We found out the real estate prices and started buying, but we decided to save money and go to Batumi with a choice during the winter vacation.
In January, we looked at real estate sites, the location of objects, and prices. I left my coordinates.
The realtor Andrey called back and spoke in good Russian without an accent.
the budget was limited to 1 million+a little bit with a payment of 100% at once (although they offered installments), the conclusion: the Studio "in a black frame", Large options were eliminated immediately.
For the reservation, it was necessary to transfer $ 150 (about 10 000r) to the Agency. For this, they promised to pick up and book options. This money will not be returned, but the maximum discount from the developer will be organized.
We called Andrey a couple of times and discussed the details for half an hour. Detailed house plans, location on the map, links to developers ' websites, links to the Yu-tub channel, and floor prices were sent (the higher you live, the higher the price per square meter for Georgians). Everything that Andrey said later turned out to be true.
In Batumi, we were taken by car to the office. After discussing the budget and our wishes once again, we went to the objects.
We looked at five objects:
1.Orange in Makhinjauri - it was originally our wishlist.
2. the object next to Black Sea Panorama. I liked that after issuing the construction helmet, we walked around the floors and looked at the panorama. One of the advantages - after construction - security and management for renting housing.
3 the object was all sold out.
4. the object is Bi-Residens.
5 the facility is located in the new districts of Batumi. we came and looked at the floors. There is no sea view - only the mountains for our money. From pluses - across the road embankment, near the Park, near the hypermarket. Next to the active construction site " ant hills"
Back in the office. Then we took the prices of all the objects and a pause for thought. While we were having lunch, we made a decision on the 4th object. Arguments: on one side there was a view of Batumi, the sea, on the left a piece of mountains and right in front of the house in 50 meters of the river, which means that next to the house will not grow another anthill, which will close the view. The area with a balcony is 38 squares. The sea is 100 meters away. stop nearby. of the minuses-there is no steering wheel, you will take it yourself.
The deal was made out on the same day, with daily preparation, so that the remaining two days to walk around Batumi.
While the contract was being prepared, we went to get the money. We arrived at the house of justice-it is located next to the office, came to the registration. In Georgia, there are three types of registration: immediate and most expensive, daily and on a first-come, first-served basis. We took a daily allowance to make it faster. The translator came, skimmed through both contracts-in Russian and Georgian, signed everywhere that she saw everything and dumped. the girl made out all the documents and issued them. The seller is one of the Directors of a construction company with the right to sign. After signing the contract, you must pay for the purchase.
we exchanged rubles for dollars back in Russia and carried cash with us. All prices on the websites and during the discussion are set in dollars, but according to the rules all calculations are made in lari, so I had to go with Andrey and change dollars to lari. I was worried, but the exchange went smoothly. It turned out that the lari exchange rate is falling, so we are missing about $ 100. However, Andrey reassured us, saying that he would come up with something. In the future, we were given this 100, because our dollar amount corresponded to the one we agreed on initially, and the lari rate can float.
The Bank deposited money to the developer's account, which was also issued a paper.
The next day, we received documents for the purchase of real estate in Batumi on Tsarina Tamara street.
From pleasant bonuses: it turned out that in the contract in Georgian it is written that if this house goes under demolition, the landlord will have the right to 10 sq. m. of land under the house. That is, if you are not a citizen of Georgia, you automatically have the right to the land of Georgia, which is impossible in other cases (our good friend from Batumi told us this when she read the entire agreement).
Overall: despite the nerves, everything turned out well. Andrew (realtor) and David (the developer's representative) in touch constantly through whatsapp. you can track the process of building a house by sending photos.
Thank you to Andrey for responding and helping with everything all the time.

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Information about the company Gulfstream accidentally found on the Internet when the question arose about buying real estate in Georgia. And I was pleasantly surprised when I started working with them. I was helped in everything by Andrey, who not only competently advises on each issue, but also accompanies in all instances, helps and prompts. During consultations, no question or doubt is ignored - not ostentatious interest, but a sincere desire to help the client choose the best option for him, based on his capabilities.
In addition, the head of the construction Department Alexander is also always in touch, open to dialogue, with him you can quickly resolve issues of further repair of a pleasant purchase.
If I sum up the results of my cooperation with this company, I can safely say that honesty, sincerity, individual approach, prompt and comfortable solution of problems are the main principles on which the work of Gulfstream is based.
I wish your team prosperity and success!!

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Many thanks to the entire GulfStream team and special thanks to Andrey for his personal participation in the execution of the transaction for the purchase of an apartment.
To begin with, my husband and I have never been to Georgia. We will visit this country for the first time in December.
Despite this, after viewing many videos, we decided to buy an apartment there.
I really liked Alexander Bacherikov's blog " Family and Business in Georgia",
But, at that time, we watched the first videos of Alexander, where he said that in the future his company will be called GulfStream.
After selecting one of the options offered on the Internet, we sent a message asking an additional question about one of the apartments.
What was our surprise when we got a call from Andrey, who introduced himself as a GulfStream company (it turns out that it already exists!!!)and offered us a much better option than we chose.
Thanks to the professionalism of Andrey and the entire GulfStream team, being at a huge distance from each other, we succeeded!!!
Everything was built 100%. trust, honesty, and integrity..
Now these are very rare and priceless qualities.
Thank you and good luck to all of you.

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United Kingdom, London
I thank Alexander Bacherikov for his instant response and support in choosing real estate in Batumi; his family for YouTube videos and inspiration; and separately, sales Manager Andrey for his direct PERSONAL participation in the transaction, namely, I sent him money for an apartment and by proxy, on my behalf, Andrey made a purchase in the City of Batumi! As they say, I did not have time to blink an eye and on the job! That's what technology has come to! So there is no doubt about the integrity and competence of Gulfstream employees! Contact us! Trust me! Buy! I'll see you in Batumi! Sincerely from Kazakhstan, Irina.

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While viewing videos on YouTube, we randomly stumbled upon your channel and got carried away with viewing it with great pleasure. We not only wanted to visit Georgia, but also to buy housing. After contacting You by phone, it immediately became clear that we will be met and help with the choice. Alexandrina showed all possible options with a view to the sea, the mountains and even drove out of town. We really liked that we approached all our requests responsibly and tactfully,and most importantly-professionally and competently solved all the legal stages of the transaction.We want to say a huge thank you and Express our gratitude for your help in buying an apartment. Various payment methods were offered, the entire amount at once or interest-free installments, and we found the most convenient opportunity to purchase exactly the housing we had dreamed of. Thank you for continuing to help us with the payment and advise us on the construction stages of our house. We recommend your Agency to everyone, we hope that this is the first and not the last purchase :) Thank you, Katya and Oleg. Saint-Petersburg.

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Ekaterina and Oleg
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Carefully. Dreams come true!
Has anyone ever dreamed of a house by the sea? Or an apartment?
I never wrote reviews. No time.
But after experiencing so many emotions, doubts and eventually getting such a powerful result, I thought, maybe this is my difficult, but priceless experience will help someone make the right step.
For several years, my husband and I could not choose a country: Spain, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Dominican Republic... even Hungary was considered with the beautiful lake Balaton.
Somewhere it was too expensive.
Somewhere very complex language.
And somewhere too far to fly.
And suddenly we decided to watch videos on YouTube about Georgia. For exactly a week, I watched different channels, most of them I sifted out, and some (the most informative ) I even watched several videos in a row.
Alexander Bacherikov's video blog "Family and business in Georgia"got caught.
Alexander's story about the life of his family, about such radical changes and successes in Georgia in just two years interested me.
To arrive there almost without money and in a year to open already the company in Georgia –
this speaks not only about his personal qualities and abilities,
but also about business opportunities in this country.
On my own, I looked through the information and websites of several houses under construction, and chose a couple for myself.
I talked to developers,
with various real estate agencies, including phoned and with Alexander.
Its competence in many issues, even those not related to real estate,
catch my attention.
And my husband and I decided to ask for help in choosing an apartment from his experience.
A little unexpected was that to confirm the seriousness of their intentions, they had to send $ 150.
Then I began to reason…
You could, of course, get to know the market yourself.
But I thought, how much time will I need to study the districts of the city of Batumi, the reliability of developers, the quality of construction, etc., etc.
Alexander, along with his employees, already knew the pitfalls and interesting apartments "with a twist»,
and really profitable options.
So we decided to send 150$.
Moreover, judging by the video publications,
Alexander and his employees have a large social circle, and many people, including "in positions", they know personally, which means they have a wide range of information.
(Remember the words: "Who owns information, owns the world"?)
Then in three days I prepared the necessary amount for the purchase
and flew to Batumi.
I was met, placed in an apartment and shown
6 options. Two of which I looked after in advance (they were very good, but at the maximum cost).
In General, I liked all 6 apartments. Therefore, the choice was very difficult!
But the result was the most profitable!
Instead of one I bought three…
One in the newly built and prestigious New Way house with a very good location on the alley of Heroes.
I issued a residence permit for her.
Just in case.
Gulfstream also provided me with this assistance, introducing me to the right specialist in this field.
And two apartments-in installments for two years in a more democratic house, but on the very first line and with crazy views of the sea!
Most likely I will sell one…
Although it is already a pity…
I will repair the second one…
Then decide…
The important thing is that during the four days in Batumi, I did not spend time searching for objects.
I implemented several tasks at once.
All purchases are suitable both for themselves and as profitable investments that will grow in price over time, and in currency.
About the Agency Gulfstream I will say this: all employees have unique knowledge, experience in construction and maximum professionalism!
Any problems are solved collectively and instantly.
They have a lot of familiar people in different organizations and fields of activity.
So I felt very protected, not alone, not left alone with my problem.
We openly spoke aloud all the options, pros and cons, all the doubts, what is good for yourself, what is good for business…
In General, the Gulfstream team is one team.
A powerful team of professionals.
Educated, intelligent people with a cordial attitude and attention.
They came from different places, but each has a huge experience in doing business, and in understanding what a quality service is.
There is an atmosphere of creativity and positivity in the office, many issues are discussed, ideas are born...and new plans are already being made!
Maybe my thoughts are spontaneous and emotional, but I gave the meaning.
And most importantly, shared the result.
I made the right choice…
Good luck to all residents and guests of Georgia!
Good luck and prosperity to this wonderful country!!!
Good luck to you, Gulfstream!!!

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Russia, Saint Petersburg
Good day friends. In 2018, I decided that I should consider buying a property and in particular I wanted to find an object that would satisfy me on most criteria and in the future would be liquid and be able to make a profit from renting or reselling.
Dolgoizuchaya all possible options, focused his attention on the real estate market in the city of Batumi. On YouTube, I watched a lot of different videos and stopped myself on the blog: ^ Family and business in Georgia^. After reviewing all the issues, I decided to get in touch with Alexander and did not regret it. Sasha fully answered all my questions and within 2 weeks, I was in Batumi. The approach of the team made me very happy, from the meeting, viewing objects, recommendations, attitude, lack of desire to mate your object, my friend and I were delighted!
We walked around the city for a day, rechecked all the interesting real estate offers for us, and chose a cool house with a view of the new Batumi Boulevard and the sea. With the support of Alexander, we negotiated with the developer and received the best conditions for payment and the first installment! After 2 hours in the house of justice, documents were issued for the purchase of real estate.
For today, the construction of the house is at the finish line and soon it will be possible to start repairs.
Since meetings with professional people are quite rare nowadays, I would like to Express my gratitude and wish the development and loyal customers of the company: GulfStream. Anyone who is in Ukraine and wants to visit and see the real estate market in Batumi, to buy, feel free to contact this company. My review is real, if you need help, we can meet in Kiev)

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Ukraine, Kiev
I have a positive experience of working with the Bacherikov family. The deterioration of the economic and social situation in Russia and the Caucasus in particular has led to the need to look for prospects from our neighbors. Initially, I was skeptical about Sasha's videos, but everything changed when I decided to just call the number listed on the channel and communicate in person. Sasha started actively selecting real estate and talking about all the prospects of real estate in Batumi. In the end, we agreed on a very nice apartment with a sea view. I liked the flexibility of the conditions, the availability of various discounts, installments, etc. You can write a lot, but in General you can trust them, for me it was the most important thing. Thank you to Gulfstream for their help. Good luck everyone!

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Hello everyone My history of Dating Alexander is the same as that of most people living in Russia , via the Internet . In January 2018goda I and my wife began to plan a vacation, although it is scheduled for my work should be in October , and my wife adjusted to me, as it works for a private trader and it is easier in this regard . On vacation, we planned to go by car, began to look on the Internet as the road and what may be the nuances of the road . And quite by chance I came across Alexander's channel, FAMILY and BUSINESS in Georgia, I looked at what he was doing, there was a phone number under the video and now we are talking with Alexander, I don't know how it happened, I called him . He told me what he does and what are the prospects for purchasing real estate in Batumi . I sent him $ 150 to find and buy an apartment, and I think where, why, to whom I sent it, although the amount is small, but probably most Russians do not trust their neighbor's neighbor and do not lend to friends , but here in another country . Think Yes okay sent and sent, through week phone call from Alexander he found an opportune option for the sums which I have there is, dumped photo, video I agreed on this option, discussed as and where to send money . And at the end of February, I closed all my accounts and transferred them to$, transferred them not to zastroischik, but to Ekaterina, Alexander's wife ,and she received them at the Bank, transferred them to lari and took them to zastroischik herself, then sent me a full report on the movement of my finances . When we told our relatives about where we bought the apartment, they said you are crazy .
But Alexander and Catherine were so honest and decent, there are very few such people, especially this family from Russia and it was in Russia that they experienced a lot, well, subscribers of this channel know what Alexander was doing and what he lost not of his own will, well, this is now very often, a business that brings a good profit, it's just a person Ah Yes okay about sad now have Alexander and Catherine all goes well and praise to the Almighty . But I will continue my story, in October, my wife and I came to Georgia, Batumi met with Alexander everything is cool , he took us to the developer
we had to register it with the justice Department, which we successfully did . We went up to our apartment on the 12th floor with a view of the sea . The rest was wonderful I did not want to leave , but at home we were waiting for a little son who missed us . Now we are going to spend our vacation in Georgia again. Georgia in General is a great country with good-quality and hospitable people, with excellent cuisine and real Georgian wine, just super . In General, I will finish my review . p.s real estate Agency Golfstream where the head is Alexander Bacherikov, this is a team of professionals their goal is not to sell you anything, but to pick up the apartment and in the price segment that you have, so that you would be satisfied with this acquisition by 120% . Also, the Agency has a designer who will help you make a design project correctly , and a team of builders will be able to make it a reality . Thank you to Golfstream Agency for their excellent work, we wish you success and become the # 1 Agency on the Georgian market . Thank you for what you are doing .

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Russia, Kurgan
Hello. My name is Alexander. I came to Batumi from Russia at the end of January 2019 to buy real estate. My friends who live in Tbilisi advised me to ask for help from Alexander Bacherikov. In the first telephone conversation, Alexander announced the amount of payment for his services: 150 us dollars. For a normal consultation, it seems to be expensive. But I didn't want to risk walking around with money in an unfamiliar city in search of something I didn't know. And I agreed, thinking that Alexander was just keeping the money as compensation for his personal time spent on me.
However, in reality everything turned out differently. Alexander doesn't help people like me alone. Together with him, an organized team of specialists works, whose main goal is to fully support the client from A to Z. they are Called "Gulfstream real estate Agency" and I liked their style of work very much. From the first day I was surrounded with care and attention. They met me at the train station and took me to my rented apartment. In a good, by the way, place and at a normal price. Then in their office (Yes, they have their own office!) conducted an initial consultation, trying to figure out what exactly I need. I was offered several of the most suitable options and we immediately went to see the selected objects in their car.
For Batumi, by the way, moving by car is an important factor. The city is big and you can't walk everywhere. And how public transport goes, if it goes there at all, you will not immediately understand. We had to move a lot in five days. Every day, new objects, meetings with developers, inspections, negotiations on discounts and installments. And everywhere I was taken by car and accompanied either personally by Alexander or other specialists of the GulfStream Agency. After the inspections, we met in the office and discussed the options we saw, weighing all the pros and cons.
With their professional advice, GulfStream specialists, led by Alexander, helped me make the right choice. Finally, I decided on the most appropriate option. And the transaction began. GulfStream specialists did not leave me alone with the developer. They checked the correctness of the contract, escorted to the house of justice for signing, and took it to the Bank for currency exchange and making the first payment. It turns out that GulfStream for an amount that is a percentage less than it is accepted in Russia does much more for the client than a regular realtor. In any case, I got the impression that my $ 150 was spent on me.
I want to say a big thank you to everyone who helped me: Alexander, Ekaterina, Andrey, Alexander Elberdovich, Arkady, Maria, and Julia.
You are the best! Thank you for everything! See you again!

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Hello everyone I am connected with the Gulfstream Agency by 2 concluded real estate transactions. I learned about the company from videos on the YouTube site, where Alexander Bacherikov leads a personal thematic vlog. When considering places to move from Russia, my choice leaned toward Georgia. I contacted Alexander with a request to familiarize me with real estate options in Batumi. As a confirmation of the seriousness of my intentions, I sent Alexander$ 150 in order for him to start selecting options for me. The Agency staff immediately introduced me to the property that meets my selection criteria. I decided to personally see everything and get to know Georgia, where I had never been before. Upon arrival in Batumi, I was met by the guys from the Agency, in advance, while I was still in Novosibirsk, picking up a rented (good, inexpensive) apartment for the duration of my stay. For 5 days, we regularly went to review the premises, several times a day. After that, I decided on the choice and, with the help of the Gulfstream Agency, concluded 2 transactions, bought a residential apartment and a room for commercial activity in a residential building. Registration was quick. On repair and redevelopment of commercial real estate premises, I agreed with the contractor who is building this house. At the end of the transaction, Alexander returned $ 150, as promised. However, I preferred to leave them to the Agency as a bonus, as the guys helped me get good discounts from the owners when buying real estate. I returned to Russia to prepare for the move, while I wait for the completion of the renovation of the premises. I have a good impression of the work of the employees of the Gulfstream Agency. They did the job quickly, professionally, clearly indicating their desire and ability to help me realize my dream!

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