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About our company
Gulfstream Development is a real estate developer and official dealer of the leading manufacturer of Smart Home products - HDL Automation in the Republic of Georgia.
We offer you technical solutions based on products from the brands HDL, Xiomi, Aqara, Clap, Telemetrics and other manufacturers.
For our customers we carry out the design of the Smart Home system for individual orders. We will provide you with the installation, configuration and commissioning of devices both in buildings under construction and with complete repairs.

Smart Home equipment will provide:
To the guests - automation of the number of rooms, energy efficiency, integration with other systems, a higher level of comfort and service for guests;
For commercial and residential premises - energy saving solutions, intelligent control of lighting, climate and other building systems.
The main advantages of Smart Home
Saving energie
Smart home allows you to save on lighting up to 40% and on heating up to 30% of electricity consumed. The Smart Home system itself monitors and regulates the operation of each device according to a given program.
Smart home controls access to premises, monitors security in the protected area and beyond. Timely prevents emergencies (fire, malicious penetration) and malfunctions in the house (leakage of water, gas).
Monitoring and Alerting
The system informs about the situation in the house or a specific event via the Internet, mobile phone or directly from the radio remote control.
Flexibility and expansion
Elements of the system can be gradually supplemented at any time (for example, when expanding a house, replanning an apartment), eliminating the need to drill walls and lay cables.
Function Replacement
The Smart Home system allows you to change the functions of elements using a personal computer and remotely.
The independence of the Smart Home from power surges and power outages is ensured through the use of uninterruptible power supplies and alternative power sources (solar panels).
Smart Home Products
HDL buspro
HDL buspro wireless
Smart locks and calls

Climate automation
HDL Automation
Dimmer HDL-MD0206.432
Built-in script controller, protection against overheating, overload, short circuit, phase cut-off on the leading edge, 1-phase, universal power supply 85-120V, 220-240V, 50-60Hz. LED indication of the status of each fuse. New design, replaceable quick-fuses.
4 keypad of the Granite HDL-MP4C.486 series
Metal finish, customizable (RGB) button illumination, status indicators, push-buttons Push-button. Built-in temperature sensor. Color - gray metal. Supplied without bus connector HDL-MPLPI.48-A

DIN rail relay module with 4-channel interlock 10A each per channel HDL-MR0410.431
Management of low-power loads: light, small motors, pumps, calls, locks, sirens, servos. It can work as a loop-through relay. Low noise when triggered.
Power Supply Unit HDL-MSP750.431
The module can supply DC voltage 24 V, current 750 mA. Has 2 types of connection, total current 750 mA. Input voltage: AC85-260V 50 ~ 60Hz Output current: 750 mA Output voltage: DC24V Output ripple wave: less than 150 mV
Sensor HDL-MSP08M.4C
The sensor in the kit is 8 in 1. Includes an IR sensor, a light sensor, a temperature sensor, an IR emitter, two dry contacts, two universal switches. It can satisfy various requirements depending on the logic. Supports HDL security mode. Can download IR code from HDL Buspro Setup Tool and send IR code to control the target. Buspro power supply: DC18-30V. Buspro power consumption: 30 mA / DC24V. IR transmission frequency: 38 kHz. Detection diameter: 8m (installation height: 3m). Infrared distance: 4m
HDL-MSERVER / D.20 IntelliCenter
HDL-MSERVER / D.20 IntelliCenter can act as a KNX gateway, an HDL Buspro gateway or a gateway broadcasts between these two protocols. And with the application working with it, you can connect to many other technologies or products, Sonos, HomeKit, SmartThings, Philips Hue and many others. However, this is not only a gateway, but also a server. A server that allows you to save system information and run the system locally. Scheduled events, logical conditions, scenes can be easily set using IntelliCenter.
Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Gateway 2
Smart Home Control Center. Manages any device with the operating system iOS 7.0+, Android at least version 4.0. Wi-Fi connection 802.11 b / g / n 2.4GHz, ZigBee.
Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Wireless Switch
Wireless programmable button. Works with devices with iOS 7.0+, Android no lower than version 4.0.
Xiaomi Aqara Smart Light Control Switch Set (ZigBee, dual, recessed, no zero line) QBKG04LM
With Xiaomi Aqara smart light control, you can control the lighting in the house using a smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are.
Xiaomi Aqara Body Sensor RTCGQ11LM motion sensor
Works with any devices with iOS 7.0+ operating system, Android not lower than version 4.0
Xiaomi Aqara Window Door Sensor MCCGQ11LM
Aqara Window Door Sensor will notify you of opening / closing windows and doors and send a notification to your phone through the MiHome app.
Xiaomi Aqara Flooding Sensor water leakage sensor sjcgq11lm
Sends a signal when an event is triggered. Works with devices with iOS 7.0+ operating system, Android not lower than version 4.0
Xiaomi Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensor wsdcgq11lm temperature, humidity and pressure sensor
Xiaomi Aqara's temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure sensor is designed to work with other smart devices manufactured by Xiaomi in one single ecosystem of a smart home.
Xiaomi MiJia Honeywell Gas Leak Detector White Gas Leak Sensor
A gas leak can be the cause of serious trouble, however, thanks to the MiJia Gas Leak Detector, quickly finding the source of the leak is extremely easy.
Smart curtain motor controller (for eaves) Xiaomi Aqara Smart Curtain Controller ZigBee ZNCLDJ11LM
scheduled activation,
easy activation,
smooth movement,
interference detection,
silent operation,
quality materials
Smart Door Lock Xiaomi Sherlock Smart Lock M1
Smart lock Xiaomi Sherlock Smart Lock M1 is made in the form of a stylish lining, which is mounted directly on the keyhole on the inside of the front door. You can open it using either a regular key or using a mobile device. The model supports wireless connection via Bluetooth to the communicator on iOS or Android, using proprietary software. This allows you to create virtual keys for visitors or tenants, as well as set their validity. Suitable for most mechanical locks.
Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock MJZNMS02LM
Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock MJZNMS02LM is installed on the front door and provides a high level of security. You can open it in several ways: using a touch-sensitive digital keyboard, using a fingerprint scanner, wirelessly using NFC or Bluetooth technology, using a smartphone or tablet. The model supports wireless connection to the device on iOS or Android using proprietary software. This allows you to track who, when and in what way opened the door, view the entire history of manipulations, and also integrate into the MiHome Smart Home system.
Suggested Solutions
Depending on your wishes, we can offer you various technical solutions, as well as their combinations.
Security and fire alarm
The alarm system includes motion sensors, opening windows and doors, a control unit connected to the Internet. Provides access control to the premises. Information about the events is sent to the user's mobile terminal.
Emergency monitoring: water, gas leakage, power outages
The emergency control system includes sensors for temperature, pressure, humidity, water and gas leakage, a control unit connected to the Internet. Information about the events is sent to the user's mobile terminal.
Video surveillance system
The video surveillance system includes video cameras, a control unit connected to the Internet. Information about the events is sent to the user's mobile terminal.
Indoor and street lighting control
The lighting control system includes light sensors, lighting devices, a dimmer, a control panel (option), a control unit connected to the Internet. Information about the events is sent to the user's mobile terminal.
Climate control
The climate control system includes humidity and temperature sensors (option), relay modules, a control panel (option), a remote control (command transmitter), and a control unit connected to the Internet. Information about the events is sent to the user's mobile terminal.
Our projects
Сottage smart village Spring Village
Currently, our construction company is building a unique innovative project - the cottage smart village Spring Village in the vicinity of Batumi. After-sales service of the village will be assigned to the management company. The Smart Home system will allow the company to provide better services for buildings and utilities at relatively low cost.
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