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Search and book a hotel, often 10-15% cheaper than Booking
For excursions and sightseeing during your stay in Batumi
Many developers are ready to give a discount for full payment, we will tell you what
We sell a lot, so the developer gives us a discount that we can share with You
There are more than 1500 apartments in our database and some of them are cheaper than others
You need the sea nearby, the apartment is not the main one, apartments are suitable, they are cheaper
We need an area with good infrastructure, convenient for living
Unfortunately, there are objects whose construction has been greatly delayed
Some developers are not even going to finish building houses, but simply collect money
Buying a house under construction at a suitable time, shortly before the house is delivered
You can't buy some distressed homes, even if the price is very attractive
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The cycle is repeated several times until You get what is right
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place on
We have prepared for Your arrival, made a schedule of shows and excursions

Organize screenings,
making a deal,
handing over the keys
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best service
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TOP questions from our clients
The cost of our services?
Our services are absolutely free for You and are fully paid by the developer. in some cases, it is possible to select a property worth $150
Can I find an apartment myself? What do I need You for?
You can. But, you must agree that there are things that You do not know how to do and it is better to entrust them to specialists. Moreover, it is a matter of several million rubles. The more expensive the question, the more time you need to find the right advisors. And we are the right advisers.
Moreover we are official partners of developers whose objects are present on our site and We have the opportunity to give you a discount from the actual price of the developer!
You have too expensive, on Avito I saw a girl in the Center for a million!
We have offers directly from developers and investors, at their prices. And on Avito, a dummy placed in order to get Your contact.
I don't have enough money. What can I do?
There is an installment plan, we will be happy to help You in this case!
Why don't I buy it from the developer myself?
The developer has the same price, and often more expensive, because the developer gives us as an Agency that sells a lot of good discount. And it's not about buying from the developer, but about choosing the right one. You need to choose the best offer and avoid the dangers. A developer, an interested person and will only advise themselves, not looking at Your needs. We don't care what to sell, so we recommend the best offers for You
All our clients receive
safety of
your funds
from the actual
the price of the Builder

Best service
and only positive
emotions from cooperation

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For all the time we have been working in the Batumi market, we have conducted more than 500 successful transactions: sale, rent, repair of real estate.

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